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Two Types of Listings

(1) Free - 1 Keyword & Standard Display

We gladly provide a Free listing that uses your business name as a keyword, and displays your business name, address, phone and website. Your information will be displayed at the top of Page One of the organic listings with our Custom Google Search Engine whenever your business name is entered into the search window. Also, if your business qualifies for inclusion in one of the category lists, your business information will also be displayed there.
Click Here to request a Free listing.

(2) Enhanced with Complete Domain Registration
Multiple Keywords, Improved Display & Special Features

Keywords improve the visibility of your listing by ALSO displaying your business by CATEGORY and the PRODUCTS and SERVICES that you provide. This increases the number of people who will "find" your business information.

Your business DISPLAY will be more vibrant, more interesting to read, and will contain all the information that you want to show.

Also, Additional Special Features include:
  • Hyperlinked full-color graphic image
  • Larger bolder colorized text and fonts
  • Extra message for added details
  • One-Click puts viewers on YOUR site

Low Cost Guarantee

There are no daily limits, restrictions, expensive bids, or costs per click.

The Enhanced Listing, with Domain Registration, Multiple Search Keywords, Improved Display, Extended Information, and Added Features is just $49 per month. Discounted 3-month and 6-month options are also available.

An Annual option is only $390 (4 Months Free).

The Annual Option also includes a multi-page full-color Ad designed especially for your business. The Ad will be hyperlinked, and displayed throughout the site on multiple pages. Your Ad will send readers directly to your website, working together with and amplifying the effect of your Enhanced Listing.

The Enhanced Listing is guaranteed to make your business display Easier to Find and More Interesting to Read to bring New Customers to you.

Enhanced Listing Order Form

City / Zip:

Choose a Plan Option

1 Month: $49

3 Months: $99 (1 Month Free)

6 Months: $199 (2 Months Free)

Full Year: $390 (4 Months Free)
(Includes Multi-Page Full-Color Custom Ad)

1 Yr Ad Only: $149 (Ad Only)
(No Listing by Search or Category)

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