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The Savannah Biz staff works diligently, through personal visits, phone calls, and emails, to include correct information for many of Savannah's businesses. Although some information is the result of enhanced listing services, payment is not required for listing. We do encourage all local business owners to submit information.

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We are available for calls Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm at (912) 398-8632.

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Mailing Address:

Savannah BiZ
P. O. Box 10357
Savannah, GA 31412

Phone: (912) 398-8632


The initial website was launched in 2005 as - We are proud of more than 14 years of dedicated service to the local area, and look forward to continued service for many years to come.

We have defined our business model with two objectives:
First and foremost, to provide a quick and easy informational site about Savannah businesses, with listings and information that would be both interesting and useful.
Second, to provide an effective & low-cost Internet marketing solution for local businesses and community organizations, as an alternative to traditional advertising (TV, Radio, Newspaper, and Magazines) or to supplement an ongoing marketing strategy.

As a service and added value to our Listers, we actively market the Savannah BiZ website through many avenues. The site is registered with all major search engines and Internet portals, and we use the professional marketing services of Google, BING, MSN, and Yahoo to attract visitors from the Internet at large. Additionally, we are listed on local and regional websites through affiliate links, and we advertise locally with print and online publications. We are also active with local business groups and non-profit organizations.

We are proud to report that all three established industry "measures of success" for a commercial website continue to be positive: First, the website visitor numbers have steadily increased, with current statistical averages indicating that several thousand viewers visit the site regularly each day. Second, the subscriber list of our newsletter has continued to grow, currently at about 10,000. And third, ongoing support from Business Listers and Advertisers continues to increase our own marketing numbers.

We appreciate the continued support from visitors and businesses and, as always, we welcome all comments, questions, and concerns as we strive to improve our business and its service to the community.

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Savannah BiZ
P. O. Box 10357 - Savannah, GA 31412
(912) 398-8632


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