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We are currently accepting applications for the following positions:

Information Specialist - This is an Administrative position and does not directly involve sales. Responsibilities include contacting local businesses by phone to confirm listing information such as Name, Address, Phone number, and web address; and the management of tracking spreadsheets and associated reports. This position requires telephone contact experience, along with excellent "people" skills, organizational skills, with time management abilities. The ideal candidate will also be comfortable working with a computer and providing detailed notes and reports. This is a part-time contract position with hourly wages and commissions.

Sales Representative - The ideal candidate must have some sales experience and/or a degree in the Sales and Marketing field. Must be computer savvy. Personal laptop or tablet computer is necessary. Personal transportation is required. This is a Commission-only contract position. Hours are flexible, and can be worked part time or full time.

Note: Due to high volume of submissions, we are unable to answer every application. If it appears that you might be a qualified match for an open position, we will contact you for more information. Also, we will keep your application on file for up to 6 months, and you will be considered for positions which may open within that time. You are encouraged to re-apply again after 6 months if you should still be available for employment at that time.

Employment Application

(Fill in as much or as little as you prefer, then click the "Submit" button)

   Positions of Interest:
   Data Programmer / Web Designer
   Sales Representative
   Other - Please specify:

   Your Full Name:  

   E-mail Address:  

   Street Address:  


   State:                   Zip:                 Phone:

   Highest Level of Education Completed:
   High School
   Associates/Technical Degree
   Some College
   College Degree
   Master's Degree
   Doctorate Degree
   School Name:

   Employer Name (if employed)

   Current School Name (if you are a student)

   Recent Work History (Ok to paste Resume)

   Additional qualifications and/or information about yourself
   (Awards, Honors, Licenses,Certifications, etc.)

   Are you willing to work part-time?


   Are you willing to work on a Commission Basis?


   Do you have your own transportation?


   Do you have your own laptop/tablet computer?


   What is your expected approximate hourly wage range based on recent employment?

   $7 - $10

   $11 - $15

   $16 - $20

   $21 - $25

   Above $25

   What computer programs do you know?
Check all software that you would feel comfortable working with on your own:

   Mac OS

   Windows 7-10

   MS Office

   MS Word

   MS Excel

   MS Outlook

   MS Power Point

   Anything else you would like to share.




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