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Candidates List
2019 Savannah Municipal Election
Tuesday, November 5th

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Municipal Election Candidates

With Links to News Articles and Campaign Sites

Click Here to visit this excellent voter reference guide website with information, photos, and details of the platform of each candidate.


Eddie W. DeLoach (Incumbent)

Van Johnson       News Interview

Regina Thomas     News Interview

Louis Wilson, Sr.     News Interview

Alderman At-Large, Post 1

Carol Bell (Incumbent)

Kesha Gibson-Carter       News Article

Alderman At-Large, Post 2

Brian Foster (Incument) is not seeking another term.

Tony Center       News Article

Alicia Miller-Blakely       News Article

Alderman, District 1

Peter Vincent Pannizzo (Incumbent)

Bernetta Bryant Lanier

Alderman, District 2

Bill Durrence (Incumbent)

Detric Leggett

Alderman, District 3

John Hall (Incumbent)       News Article

Linda Wilder-Bryan       News Article

Alderman, District 4

Nick Palumbo (Incumbent)     (Unopposed)

Alderman, District 5

Estella Shabazz (Incumbent)     (Unopposed)

Alderman, District 6

Tony Thomas (Incumbent)

Antonio Hunter       News Article

Kurtis Purtee       News Article

Click Here to View the Maps of the 6 Districts

Are you registered to vote?

Check it out now at My Voter Page.
This is the OFFICIAL Voter Registration Page.
Click Here to see if you are registered.
Just enter your name, County (Chatham), and date of birth.
It will show if you are registered, and where you are supposed to vote.
Also, you can Register if you are not already registered.
Click Here to find out.

Excellent Article on the FAQS of Voting - From the Connect Savannah Weekly

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